Chartering For Success.

Understand the many factors that affect the success of your chartered trip, ease your decision-making, and enhance your total experience.

The Cost of Chartering

Making the right decision on which jet to charter is a big decision. The choice of jet determines the level of luxury, space, speed and also price. There are so many options available, light aircraft, turboprops, midsize jets, larger jets, heavy jets, and even presidential jets.

A helicopter tour of your honeymoon spot could cost you all of $200, while chartering the Gulfstream G650 could cost you $40 000 an hour. Whether you are looking for a luxury, five-star experience or you are looking for something easy on the pocket, we have all the options to suit your taste and needs. Rest assured, there is an aircraft that adequately matches your requirements and your budget.


What determines the cost?

  1. Equipment Size: The size of the aircraft and the length of the trip constitute a big part of the quote, however, there are other factors to consider. It is important to understand the different charges so that you can make an informed decision.
  2. Equipment Configuration: The more featured, luxury or new, the aircraft is, the higher the charter rates.
  3. Fuel Costs: Depend on the length of the journey.
  4. Landing fees: These go to maintaining the runway and building and are dependent on the size of the jet.
  5. Airport Fees: Charged by the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) for receiving the aircraft, servicing the toilets, arranging for refuelling of the aircraft.
  6. Ramp fees: Charged for parking at an airport.
  7. Taxes: Applicable taxes based on location.

Remember, opting for an empty leg flight can also significantly reduce your travel costs too.

On Airports & Jets

Choose The Right Airport

A major cost of flying is directly related to the airport you choose. Larger airports tend to be more expensive because of the high traffic volumes they attract. . Choosing a smaller airport nearer your destination can substantially reduce your charter costs. For instance flying into Hamilton Airport in Ontario will be cheaper than landing into downtown Toronto.
Some of the world’s most expensive airports include:
1. Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan:
2. Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan:
3. Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan:
4. Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada:
5. Darwin International Airport, Australia:

Private Jets Classification

Charterly offers you private jets of varying specifications to meet your function, affordability and comfort requirements. Below is a general classification of jet sizes.

Private Jet Class Private Jet Size Number of Passenger Seats
Twin Pistons Small Jets 1 to 4
Turbo Props Small Jets 6 to 9
Very Light Jets Small Jets 4 to 8
Light Jets Small Jets 4 to 8
Midsize Jets Medium Jets 7 to 9
Super Midsize Jets Medium Jets 6 to 10
Heavy Jets Medium Jets 12 to 18
Long Range BBJs Business Jets 25 to 50
Jumbo Jets Business Jets 50 to 500


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