Charterly & Sustainability.

Meeting our clients’ needs & saving our planet don’t have to be mutually exclusive objectives.

Sustainable Flying

A growth in aviation does not have to have a negative impact on our environment. environmental footprint. At Charterly, we we are intentional and deliberate in playing our role in reducing carbonation.


Industry Effort

Future generations need air transport that works efficiently without destroying our planet. The industry is working very hard to grow the industry while making aviation sustainable by:

  • Building more energy and noise efficient aircraft. The newest aircraft have on average, a noise footprint 30-50% that of older aircraft.
  • Pushing hard to use sustainable fuels to cut emissions. The numbers are increasing gradually, from one flight in 2008 to 1 million in 2020.
  • Offsetting carbon emissions through climate and development projects has been found to bring value for communities as well as the environment. Recent research showed that offsetting one tonne of CO2 delivers a further US$664 in economic, social and environmental benefits for communities around the world (IATA).
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Charterly Sustainability Pledge

At Charterly we’re not only interested in getting you there; we also endeavor to make private aviation sustainable by:

  • Encouraging flight sharing and the use of empty legs.
  • Ensuring responsible flying, flying airlines long distance where possible and connecting the remaining leg to the remote airport by business jet.
    Working with operators and aircraft owners to become more sustainable.
  • Working with industry and local businesses to meet the needs of society for reliable, efficient and profitable air transport.
  • Joining hands with other players in the industry to fund research and invest in awareness.
  • Building sustainable businesses and strong economies through aviation.


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