Choosing The Right Private Jet

The experience of chartering a private jet is unforgettable and each step of the way enjoyable and stress free. To get the most out of the private jet hiring experience it is best to have a bit of knowledge about private jets. The more you know the better it is for your chartering decisions. Most of the decisions are centered around the aircraft decision and knowing which aircraft works is the biggest part of the puzzle. It doesn’t have to be a puzzle, and the decision making process is part of the thrill of chartering.

Unlike booking a commercial flight, chartering is easier in some ways. Should you decide to do it yourself, you will find numerous aircraft operators and numerous aircraft to choose from. When you book a commercial flight, there are no aircraft options available. Chartering however, gives you different choices, because every situation is different and trip each may require a different aircraft for the same route.


Functionality or Luxury.

Jets come in different sizes from light jets, propeller aircraft all the way up to presidential jets.  Charters are priced per hour, so the aircraft chosen ultimately determines the cost of the charter. Private Jet prices start at US$1500 per hour and go all the way past $70 000 per hour. There is a vast difference in costs so each charter is tailored to meet the needs of each guest

The King of the Skies- The King Air 250

The Beechcraft King Air 250 is certainly the king of skies and is proving to be the most popular aircraft of the pandemic. This aircraft can seat 6 people comfortably but can take up a maximum of up to ten people and is in the small aircraft category. It doesn’t fall short in the comfort area either making it an all-rounder. Light Jets such as the King Air 250 and Turbo props are great options for small families, groups and teams looking for functionality and not luxury.

Medium to large jets can fly longer trips and take on more passengers and luggage. Airliners are the ultimate in luxury and have long ranges. The Boeing Business Jet for example was designed from the Boeing 737. Instead of carrying 150 passengers, the jet carries only a maximum of 16. This makes it more spacious and luxurious.

Ultimate Luxury

For the ultimate private jet experience, Boeing and Airbus business Jets are a class higher than the rest. ‘’If Gulfstream is the private jet version of a Rolex or Mercedes, the Boeing Business Jet might be a Patek Philippe or Maybach, something just a couple steps richer.’’ Says Doug Gollan

Choose the Private Jet that works for your needs

The size of a jet required depends on several factors. The number of passengers flying, the distance they are traveling and the amount of luggage they have are all very key in the cost of flying private. Long distances require aircraft that can fly long range, stopping to fuel every few hours isn’t the best way to fly private. The range of an aircraft is dependent on the quantity of fuel the aircraft can carry and more baggage on a flight means the aircraft carries less fuel.

Many factors come into play in choosing the right aircraft and it is often a balance between several options. At Charterly we walk through the planning process to ensure that we understand exactly what the customer needs and get you chartering with ease.

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